Agileteksys application development projects range from simple commercial applications to complex logistics, manufacturing, finance, human resources, infrastructure and service industry applications.

Agileteksys has developed and fine tuned its Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process to a framework called as Agileteksys Development Methodology (ADM). ADM adapts to industry standard software development methodologies such as Prototyping, Waterfall and Rapid Application Development (RAD). The architecture of the ADM framework is flexible enough to accommodate and work with other methodologies, such as a client-specific software development methodology.

The diagrams displayed describe EDM and EIG and their inter relationship.

ADM is a sub-set of ETP's overall ETP Implementation Guideline (EIG), which besides ADM also comprehensively caters for the implementation of ETP developed applications as well as other industry standard applications.

Customized application development can be domain independent and done by skilled teams of technical professionals, supported by functional and subject matter experts. The synergy between Technical and Functional Consultants working on projects from the start of Requirement study till Development and Testing stage results in a User Friendly, Functionally strong, Flexible, Scalable and Robust application.

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